Tuesday, March 31, 2009

once upon a time...

"there was a girl named lisa,
and she had a blog...
and i liked to go to that blog because she was my friend,
and i liked to see her post stuff...
and then came february & that was the end".

so said kerry lynn. (and probably you, too)

that will change soon... i promise ;)

i get a lot of e-mails asking about my blog design & if i did it myself...i did :) with the little html & digital design knowledge that i have. it's not hard once you get the hang of it. i have photoshop & all those fancy editing programs on my iMac, but honestly, i don't even know how to use them.

in my next post have some stuff i wanted to share about blog design how-to's & links that will help you. so if you have any specific questions pertaining to my blog or projects or anything, please post in the comments section. that way it will be easy for me to keep track of. e-mail gets overwhelming for me sometimes & i think (so i've been told) that some of them don't even come through.

in the mean time, i want to share my latest projects with kenner road's latest kits: "the collector" and "lovely vintage" add-on kit:

my hope:
how did i get that yellow border around the edge of my layout, you ask?
i punched around the edge using a fiskars vine border punch and then crocheted a very crooked scallop border.


i made this layout for my lovely friend ratna who lives in singapore.
she does these amazing henna designs & i knew that i wanted to scrap these photos as soon as i saw them.
i left a blank, lined spot for her to journal if she wanted to.

just a little prety i made for franki's room...made on a vintage book cover

and a party hat, just for fun

and just to tease you a little, here is a sneak peek of kenner road's april kit:

i'm playing with it tonight & i can't wait for you to see the yumminess that kerry has come up with for this kit!
there is some exclusive _________ that she had made for it,
oh & then there's that gorgeous __________ and beautiful _________!
and don't forget that vintage _______.

oh, i'm so evil, you'll just have to tune in & wait until reveal night ;)


Beth Perry said...

You ARE evil! muwahahaa (lol)
Beautiful March designs!!! Can't wait to see what you guys come up with for April. The sneaks of the kit looks amazing already! :D
I look forward to gaining a little bit of knowledge on blog design.

TheresaK said...

I love your blog design!! it is so pretty!!!!!

Love the ballerina wall hanging, and the layouts too!!!!

Ginajam said...

Lisa...beautiful projects! Love, love, love! I have a question...how do you get the rounded corners on your pictures that you post? That's such a cool look. Also...did you ever get my address info from the last RAK post? I don't know if it went thru or not. Thanks :-)

AndreaWiebe said...

Yeah!!!! So happy you blogged :D
That crocheted border is amazing, seriously! Very creative of you!

Just want to say love you!!!!

kerry lynn said...

apparently hell did freeze over ;)

erin said...

ooh, just love your style.
and your humor:)

Anonymous said...

just wanted to say hi! Beautiful work! Everything is so colorful and bright!

Joanie said...

Absolutely love your style! I'll be hanging around and checking out your work for some inspiration! When you get a chance, check out my blog and enter my Spring Blog Candy giveaway!

Rach H said...

she lives!
she creates!
she's funny!
she took time off FB to blog!!
nice to see you back!!
dude your creations just rocked my little world again!

Lee said...

Hi Lisa!
WOW those pages are STUNNING! So pretty.
I have emailed you a few times to check up on that SIStv secret swap from last year where you were the person allocated to send something to me. Anyway, I just wanted to find out how you were going with this as I still haven't received anything. If it isn't possible to post something to me, I am cool with a voucher to an online store or something too - whatever is easiest for you.
I hope everything is OK! So glad to see you are making stuff.
Lee L.
lalalee96 (at) yahoo dot com dot au

Christina Padilla said...

WHAT? are my eyes decieving me? ::rubs eyes::

It's real! and hey you!

re do my blog Yeah?

Lexi said...

The inspiratiopn from your creations and blog makes my head hurt! Seriously..you are on talented chick! I LOvE it all!I am SUPER interested in any links/tips you have on blog creation. I am really wanting to start one, but am SEVERELY technologically challenged ;)and so I am afraid! Anything you can suggest would be most appreciated! Keep creating--it is some of the most unique, beautiful work out there. For real!!

Gabrielle Pollacco said...

My goodness!! your work is just GORGEOUS Lisa!!....just love the crochetted border on the top l/o!! and the henna l/o is so 'artsy' and lovely!

~Gabrielle xx

Julianne said...

Very cool - love the use of crochet in your LO!

Vicki said...

Gorgeous work, Lisa!!