Monday, June 16, 2008

i'm baaaaaaack!

the last month has been a whirl-wind.

*my pc died.
my awesome sweetie came home with a new apple computer.
so you can say i am truly fruity, now.

*the kids just got out of school.
no more waking up early!

*my sweet franki-girl turned the big 6.
we had a pool party with all her little friends.

my brain is fried from the last few days, and my camera died, so i have nothing to show for it.
but it was so nice to meet y'all (said in my best nashvegas voice).

i am going  back to bed & try to recuperate from my cold & mild away-from-home-lag.

i'll try to be back soon!



metrochic said...

i miss you already. your smile makes me happy.

Cindy Tobey said...

Ok, I love that you did this post in multi colors...your bright color choices just makes me happy!