Saturday, June 21, 2008


this is the mini book i made in TN at SISiversary for our fashionista challenge hour.
it was to make a project that included a cloud and the the theme "dream".
it was inspired by this girl who does the most amazing work...

if you want to see close up pictures click here.

have a great weekend!



Mandi said...

I love the stuff you make. Always.

metrochic said...

i really really really really really wanted to steal this. really.

scrapcat said...

what a gorgeous mini *sigh*

p.s. loved meeting you :))))

staceyfike said...

i can't believe i sat right across from you while you were making this!! xoxo

metrochic said...


Cindy Tobey said...

Oh so dreamy...& gorgeous!

Debee Campos said...

i love you
and your rainbow banner
the dude looks like his name would be juan
he rocks
and you know you would be invited to my wedding :)
because I love you
and you are so sweet.

Michelle said...

Ohmyowrd...that is the hottest mini ever!! Love it...=) I think I come here just to see your awesome rainbow headers, though...

(Naw...just kiddin...)
You rock!!

kerry lynn said...

love this.