Saturday, July 04, 2009

let freedom ring...

it's Independance Day!

(photos from our last year's hometown parade)
my franki sue making her first appearance in the parade with her girl-scout troop:

...and the big brother waiting for the candy to be thrown:

fireworks (2 blocks from our house!)

i'm going to attempt to make these:
(click on photo for link & recipe)

i hope you have a very safe & fun holiday!!!


Bekka said...

Oh wow -- best of luck with those cupcakes!

Candace said...

hope your day sparkles! Amazing fireworks! and your little ones are too cute!

Beth Perry said...

Happy 4th, love!

Zorina said...

In spirit I was eating those yummy cupcakes with you! Too bad, American Canyon is a bit too far of a drive from Santa Clara. TC!

Christina Padilla said...


are you going to the sbexpo in aug? if so Im there!!! if not well, forget it then. I wanna meet up w/you and KL...yeah?


Christina Padilla said...

ohhhhh and i forgot to say...fantastic job on all of those lovley works of art!!

can I borrow your creative mind for just a while??