Sunday, January 11, 2009

so far so good (and a RAK!)...

(photo heavy post ahead)

how are you?

i am having a very splendid new year so far:

we rang in 2009 with a (sort of) quiet new year with the monkeys throwing
those little popping things outside:
(no, those aren't bags of weed)

some confetti :

and appropriate beverages for us all:


we also went ice skating in the city while daddy watched us & "worked"...

well, 1 out of 3 of us went ice skating.
the other two of us went


i got to spend time with this fabulous girl:

we also got a visit from grandma:


i received a BIG box full of chatterbox goodies.
...and when i say BIG, i mean

so big that franki couldn't even push it an inch:

so big that i could even fit inside of the empty box:
(yes, that is my hand)

...and so big, that even my tall, strapping husband could fit inside:
(well, almost... i think that's his back)

we seriously have too much time on our hands.

i cannot wait to dig in to all the pretties & create!


so here's the good stuff:

i have also been busy cleaning, and organizing, and purging stuff.
when i'm done (hopefully by next Christmas!), i'll be back with a super, over-stuffed
box (maybe more than 1) of scrapbook goodies to give away ;)

did you see those pictures of my messy work space?
i have alot of stuff.
alot of GOOD, new stuff that is waiting to go to a good home to be used!

if your still reading my long post, and want some awesome stuff to be creative with,
all you have to do is post in the comments
& tell me how much you think my box of chatterbox supplies weighed!
(see above photos)

i'll be back with a randomly drawn winner
& also have something for the person that guesses the exact weight correctly.

i'll leave it open until about the
25th of january
to give everyone enough time to play.



Kristi B. said...

wow....that was a big box of goodies! All your photos are so cute. :o)
I am going to guess that your box weighed 39 lbs.

Karalyn & Jason said...

I will guess 50 lbs! Love the photos!!

andrew + sheryl said...

oOohh! love guessing games! can i guess in kg? uhmm, i guess 15kg! (:

Karin said...

Wow that is quite the box! I am guessing 42 lbs!

Carolyn said...

Gotta be 150 lbs! At least! :)

Amber Zimmerman said...

love your new look! Hmmm I will guess 116 lbs. Completely random, eh? ;-)

Christina said...

That is a HUGE box! I think your box of goodies weighed 55 lbs.

Daisy Niemeyer said...

That was a huge box! I want to guess that it was 72.7 lbs! Everybody in the box was hilarious!

kerry lynn said...

i don't need your stuff ;)
but holy chatterbox goodness!!!

Mandi said...

That's a crazy big box! And you made me chuckle with your "no that's not weed" quip. :)

Delia W said...

Hell bells. You are so lucky. You are so lucky to have a real white xmas and a bit of skating just makes if feel more so. Looks like lots of fun.

I think that box was 100lbs. Lets hope i'm right..

jessica nole said...

that has got to be the biggest box of scrap goodies i have ever seen! lucky girl!

i'm guessing 126 lbs. just to be a bit random.

MyLittleTeapot said...

hmmmm, my guess is 55lbs

Mimi73 said...

Happy New Year Lisa :D

Mimi xx

homedotmade said...

That's a big honkin box of LOVE! I'm going to guess 69 lbs because in blog years I'm 12. :-)

Tina N. said...

I guess 75 pounds. What a fun blog!

mari said...

wow! What a box!!!
can't wait to see your creations over at Kenner Road:)

I am not goog with lbs, so I am guessing 28 kilos:)


Anonymous said...

i'm thinking about 65 pounds...enjoy your new goodies!


Alicia Sharp said...

I will say 30 pounds! Thanks for all the cool inspiration!!!!

Nichol said...

I'll guess it was about 45 lbs.
Can't wait to see what you make with all your new goodies!


Christina Padilla said...

good God woman, that is a huge box.
i would venture to say that it is about 85 LBS!

loving all the had me all excited to see ya b4 the holiday and you stood me up. i don't think i can ever forgive you.


kristina k said...

I'm gonna say 41 pounds. :)
Love what you did for kr this month!! :)

LisaNRoxy said...

WOW - how fun! I think that big ole box weighed about 86.5 lbs. I bet you had a ball digging through it! Can't wait to see what you create!

Beth Perry said...

I am guessing 36lbs!! :D


Ginajam said...

wow...that is one huge box!!! I'll say 63 lbs. love your new blog look, by the way :-)

Michelle Filo said...

I have no clue of the number in pounds but I am guessing around 85 kilos. Such a great giveaway made me come out of lurking around your blog :)

Jenifer said...

Im going to say 87 pounds of heavenly goodness.

Christie Wildes said...

Let's see...
I am going to guess 42.5 pounds! That is a huge box and I am oh so jealous!! hehe Loving all the new Chatterbox stuff for sure....and no where to get it for me. :(
Glad to see that you are joining KR permanently. Just love your work and excited to be inspired by you month after month.

Stephanie Baxter said...

Can I still play?! I'm going to guess 24kg!

Steph xxx

Dena said...

That box is sooo dang huge! holy cow. I have no idea what to guess.
I will go with 53 if it isn't taken. HOly Moly!

Cathy said...

holy cow, thats definitely a perk