Thursday, July 10, 2008

ok, it didn't work...

*eta*...i just added a picture of my rainbow RAK & you still have time to add your name!
i'll draw a winner on fri. june 18th.

my blog went missing for a couple of weeks.
but, i think i'm back.

this is what happened:
i bought my own domain name
and tried to direct my old blog address (actually this one) to the new one.

obviously, i didn't know what i was doing.
so, i just gave up & redirected the address again.

i did figure out how to design my own back round & blog elements, though.
(using scrapblog, thanks to a tip from another SIStv user!)

and if you're still reading my ramblings..i owe you one ;)

leave me a comment here & i will draw one name at the end of next week for
super-duper rainbowlicious goody box!


but it's not that easy...
if you read my blog, you probably know that i like to ask really weird, nosy questions.

tell me:

if you could pick one celebrity to play you in a movie, who would it be? 

and if you have any questions (silly or not) for me, please ask & i will do my best to answer them all!


Karin said...

Hello Hello. Love the new goodies you made on scrapblog!

if you could pick one celebrity to play you in a movie, who would it be?

I would have to say Drew Barrymore. She's too cute.

just jenn said...

Absolutely love the new background! Totally fun!

If I could have one celebrity play me in a movie it would be Nicki Blonski. I absolutely love her right now! :)

emily said...

i was wondering what happened to your blog!
okay, a celebrity? without a doubt, rachel mcadams (the notebook girl). she's my fave, fo sho.


metrochic said...

your blog looks BEAUTIFUL! maybe now you can help me beautify mine. ahem. xoxo.

CatherineS said...

Love visiting your blog~ glad it's back!!

I'd have to say Meg Ryan... She's so cute!

McMGrad89 said...

Loving your Scrapblog header.

I can't even imagine who would play me. When I was young and thin and teaching in the high school (Mid '90s) my students said I looked like Mariah Carey, but I don't like her much. Now that I am a big girl, I think Kathy Najimy is more my style. Besides I really like her humor.

Best wishes with the blog and I will link you through mine.

Melissa said...

glad you figured things out!

*kim* said...

followed the link from the blog - love jammin' to some Gwen!

Angelina Jolie of course! (it's a stretch I know, but hey we're just pretending anyway right?)

Happy Friday!!!!

Lori W said...

the blog looks good! Celebrity...probably Jennifer Garner..she just looks like she'd be a fun friend to have!

Christina said...

I would pick Alexis Bledel.
I am in love with her, and I love her in Gilmore girls.
So, even though she looks nothing like me, I would pick her! lol

I LOVE your blog.
Super cute!
I hope you can figure out how to get it all transfered.
Good luck! :)


luis said...

I'd never been to your blog before but it's sooo pretty! I love the background and everything else!

Anyways, I'd choose Winona Ryder to play me...for some reason she doesn't have a specific role type to me (ex: Angelina Jolie and action movies). And I love so many movies she's in!

(JamieBoBamie on ScrapInStyleTV-for some reason I'm logged in as a friend but I don't have my own blogger or google account so I'll leave it)

allison said...

glad the rainbow is back!
hmm...someone to play me...
this may make me trashy, but i heart nicole richie.
minus the eating disorder, i think she's so cute!!

Lisa the Lovely said...

reese witherspoon!

Plastic said...

I would want to play Scarlet Johansen - she is the radness

instead of what actress - if you got the chance to be a character in the remake of a movie - which movie would it be and what character ?????

Anonymous said...

Hey Miss Lisa! I think I would pick Jennifer Garner. We used to LOVE that show she was on and she just seems so sweet. Have a good weekend!

Karalyn & Jason said...

Hmm...well since it's pretend...haha! I would love Julia Roberts to play me. She seems like such a down to earth, classy lady!

Karalyn & Jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
staceyfike said...

pretty pretty pretty!!!

oh, and drew barrymore.

staceyfike said...

ummm... i meant your blog looks pretty pretty pretty, lol

Trynity said...

hello miss delicious.
i am glad your blog's back
i wanted to touch base to tell you that i have a lovely little photo of (not)eli manning and his sweet little wife (leslie)to send you. and of course there is a great shot of our shrimp fumed dinner..

if i had to pick a celebrity that would play me, i would have to go with will ferrell.
i think his harvard commencement speech (2003) could have been penned from my head.

Penny Smith said...

Super-duper scary, cuz she is so freakin' purdy, and I am quite weathered after 3 children and other adventures, but Jennifer Aniston. :)

Hee, hee! That was fun!

Trish said...

HI Lisa!!! So glad to find your blog! As for a celebrity to play me.....I guess Reese Witherspoon! She would certainly make me look good!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love your new blog. I would pick Sarah Jessica Parker to play me because we are both short and petite. I love her style!

Fleursbydesign said...

I guess I would have to pick Kelly Mcgillis (she was Tom Cruise's love interest in Top Gun) and my DH thinks I look like her.

Love the new look of the blog - wish I could figure out how to do that!

Patti H said...

I would totally want Maggie Gyllenhall to play me...I totally dig that chick.

Oh and if I get drawn....draw again. I do believe I am already blessed with your generosity this week!!!

So glad your blog is back in action!

Holly said...

Well, since people have always told me that they think I look like Christina Ricci, I suppose I would pick her. lol. I like her as an actress anyway. BTW, your blog is GORGEOUS!

Erin said...

In honor of your new blog, I have come out of lurkdom to say hello!

As for your questions....maybe Gweneth Paltrow or Charlize Theron or ooh can I pick a non living actress and say Audrey Hepburn?

Veronica Starr said...

DUDE!!! i can't stand it... that princess banner... it's so flipp'n AWESOME!!!
(don't send me anything cuz i didn't really read all of your entry... i got side tracked by that banner, LOL!!!)

Dana said...

I may be to late to enter the contest but I am glad I found your blog! I'll be back.. your new Sis TV friend Dana (aka Shutterz) :)

Anonymous said...

wow love that box of goodies :)

if you could pick one celebrity to play you in a movie, who would it be?

I'd have to say Audrey Tautou (Amelie fame)

Kimmie said...

Julia Roberts is who i would play. I love her sense of humor.

sara b said...

I too would have to say Reese Witherspoone. She is so stinkin adorable!!

paula clare said...

Hi! LoVE the look of your blog...and the rainbow RAK! GORGEOUS! I think I'd like to have Helen Hunt play me...although it'd have to be a slightly YOUNGER me!

elissa said...

I love your style so much. I would pick Selma Blair because she's quirky and fun.

Joy said...

um....i can't even think of any celebs that look remotely like i do...but if i could pick anyone...i guess it would have to be...well, I don;t know, but the hubbs says kirsten dunst :)

Sharmaine said...

I would have to say Nicole Kidman, but only for the accent lol

Lisa the Lovely said...

It's the 19th , any winner yet :)