Tuesday, March 11, 2008

it's a big, big mess (and a care bear)...

all over my floor.
how is this different from usual, you ask?

oh, it's a lot worse than usual...
paper, boxes, buttons, ribbon everywhere.
i'm "trying" to re-do my scrap space (a very limited corner in our house)

so, in order to get everything to fit just right, i am PURGING!
why should you care, you ask?
because that means i have lots, and lots, and did i say LOTS?... to give away!
most of it is new, the other stuff is like full boxes of chipboard letters with just a couple missing.
good stuff!

want it?
ok, give me your address.

just kidding.

that would be waaaayyyyy too easy.
...and lisa is not easy (watch it... i can hear you smirking)

so, this is where the care bear part comes in.

go here

and take the short care bear quiz.
come back and tell me which one you are & if it really does "match" you.
jody posted this little quiz & it was so fun to take.
i was cheer bear:

i am not surprised at all ;)

(you have until st patty's day (march 17th) to post.
i will pick 2 people to send a box full of stuff to!
(because i will be stuffing flat-rate boxes, i am sorry to say that this will only be open to USA residents, don't be mad, ok?)



D@nielle said...

I'm in Europe so I don't expect you to send me a box, I wanted to tell you anyway because itlooked like a fun test, I'm the share bear.

Misty said...

that was cute! It said I was Love-A-Lot Bear. I guess that's accurate but I'm not too sure about the "spunky" part. ;-)

Karin said...

I am Tenderheart Bear, and it described me perfectly. I am very sensitive and caring!
What a fun thing to have everyone do. :-)

Christa said...

I'm bedtime bear which is soooo true!!! I'm always tired and loveeeee to sleep! But, I'm not lazy...I swear. Thanks for sharing the cute quiz! I loved it!

Fleursbydesign said...

I was bedtime bear which is totally me, I love to sleep and my bed is sooo comfy I have a hard time getting out of it in the morning! Have a great day!

Mollie said...

I'm totally posting that care bear quiz on my blog lol Maybe even on one of my favorite message boards haha

I'm Cheer Bear too! In fact, cheer bear should be my middle name I'm pretty sure. haha This fits me perfectly, even though sometimes it's so annoying that I wish it wouldn't. :)

Kate said...

I was Cheer Bear! This is the cutest quiz ever...and I def think it describes me :) My students always ask me why I am smiling all the time haha

nikki peterson said...

i was on your blog all last night listening to the music while i scrapped. oh and i am a funshine bear, funny clever, inventive and playful with a good sense of humor. you love to help others laugh and have fun. i'd say it was pretty accurate. but i am purging too so if i win give it to the next person. just wanted to say hi!

metrochic said...

ha! bedtime bear! not surprised. ;)

ScrapFairy said...

That was fun, I am cheer Bear also. Love her rainbow.

Mike & Brianna said...

Found your blog from scrapfairy! I'm Lucky Bear, guess that's fitting with St. Patty's day coming up! Fun quiz!

angie said...

i;m the love-a-lot bear: spunky, energetic, and emotional. three good things to be, no? thanks for the bit of fun!!

Melanie said...

I am Wish Bear! SOmetimes I an quiet and shy, sometimes creative and playful. Love playing "lets pretend".

That was fun, good luck in reorganizing your space! :)

Debee Campos said...

I'm bedtime bear
(I owned the doll when I was a kid-YAY!)
brave (only on Fridays)
loyal (Yes- so true)
able to calm others' fears and worries.
(i so thought I'd be worry-a-lot bear-go figure)
You have an easy-going yet confident personality
(? really? I'm just thinking I'm part shy bear too?)

PS: Okay, so I don't love mornings, but dang I love staying up late all night :) Scrapping of course- can I be scrap bear? ;) I'd love to have a heart for a nose.
Debee -aka scrap bear

Wendy said...

i LOVE that quiz :) supa fun...and just as i expected im GOOD LUCK bear!! he was my fave growin up anyway :)

Staci said...
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Staci said...

I'm a good luck bear!! Funny it does describe me pretty well! This was a fun test....

Ginajam said...

Ok...so I'm Good Luck Bear! I think it's right on for the most part. I love taking those personality tests!!

Good luck re-organizing...it's a big job (I just did mine not too long ago).

Take Care...