Wednesday, February 27, 2008

rainbow love

i just learned how to make one of these:

1. rainbows and ponies, 2. ponies lala, 3. Rainbow Retro Zakka, 4. Blush, 5. follow the leader/bambi, 6. Rainbow Mini Cupcakes - Chocolate with Vanilla Buttercream, 7. colorful water, 8. Tasty Technicolor Treats, 9. Brilliant Owl Brooches, 10. candy rainbow, 11. The rainbow house, 12. Happy Girls Under a Rainbow, 13. Squircle rainbow II, 14. rainbow, 15. Badges: Thames TV, 16. 1960's-70's, 17. The Platinum Rainbow Vintage, 18. boxofrainbows, 19. That70sRainbow, 20. An army of hearts!, 21. button heaven, 22. owl snuggly with vintage rainbow fabric, 23. Here in your arms!, 24. Henry's Rainbow Plastic Hangers, 25. Feel the Rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

thanks to this girl
and this thread.

do you love rainbows as much as i do?
want to receive a box full of colorful goodness?
come here & play!


metrochic said...

holy rainbow love! WOWZAH! that makes me SO happy. i already bought a few things for this swap because rainbows make me giddy. hee. YAY!

StarrAltered said...

Wow! that's a whole lot of color! awesome!!! :)

Darcy said...

Thank you for SIS emailing me.. I seriously STILL feel like a turd. (I hope you don't have MASSIVE hate towards the word TURD because I've used it like 5 times with you. =/) And this blog post totally made me happy today. =)

yvette said...

yes! i do love rainbows! i think they're one of the most beautiful sights/things ever. and they make me feel so happy. i love looking at them with my little girl because she gets so excited about them too.