Thursday, January 24, 2008

i have issues...

they range from being afraid of the "popping" sound that the biscuits make when they come out of that stupid can to being almost obsessed about having a 3-column blog.

i fixed the latter one.
lisa is very happy about that.
(the third person talking
would be another issue)

...and you know what else bugs me?
the telemarketers that call my house every 5 minutes.
and when you're watching tv with the volume normal & then the commercials come on and the noise blasts through your house.

i also have issues with rambling.

so, before i lose you...

I am so happy that you took time to come here.
seriously, all the little comments & sweet e-mails i get really make my day!
if you've never said hi or commented before, please do so.
don't be shy.

i want to give this away to one of my readers:

because it makes me happy :)

but there's a catch.
oh, of course there is.

you have to fill this out:
(just because i'm nosy & like weird questions)

you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?

that's it.
you have one week!



D@nielle said...

haha ok I'll play as I've never left a comment before ....
name: D@nielle
location: Hoofddorp, The Netherlands
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? Oprah !

Sharmaine said...

name: Sharmaine
location: Tasmania, Austrlia
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? Hmmm I would actually sell rides to everyone, $1 for a quick ride around the world, because of course I fly at super sonic speeds. Think I might get rich??
I also have a problem with rambling ;)

Karin said...

name: Karin (car-in)
location: Minneapolis, MN
whose house I would be buzzing around: Sabrina Ward Harrison. I would love to see her at work and be inspired.

Gillian said...

Name: Gillian
Location, BC, Canada
I'm a fly with superpowers and I'm buzzing around my boyfriends parents house. How else am I going to REALLY know what they think of me? :P OH! And i'll be able to fly away with their secret chocolate chip cookie recipe. Afterall, I have superpowers ;)

Tracy said...

Tracy from Kentucky
I would fly around Brittney Spears - just when she was about to make another ridiculous decision, I would zap her with my laser beam eyes. Maybe it would be like an invisible fence for a dog - eventually they figure it out.

em said...

Like the new blog. :)

I will always play when they are fun scrapping goodies involved!!

name: emily (justem)
location: illinois
where would i buzz around: probably martha stewart. just to see if her house is as cool as it *should* be!

traci in virginia said...

Ok, I am Traci from Vinton, VA. If I was a fly with superpowers, I would go to Shonda Rhimes house and buzz around trying to find out what's going to happen on Grey's Anatomy. Even though the writers are on strike, I bet they are still writing at home!!

Siany said...

name: Siany
location: Blue Mountains, Australia
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?: Ive seen some amazing homes on Flickr - I'd have to say someone with lots of gorgeous decor and brilliant studio!! lol! Full of inspo!!

Susan said...

I love nosiness!

I'm SusanH
location is Greenville SC
I'm a fly so I think I'll buzz around...Michael Buble's house - I'm really liking his music lately. Now tomorrow, I'll probably want to buzz somebody else.

Steph J said...

I'm Steph from Sydney Australia
If i were a fly with superpowers i'd love to be buzzing around
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around would be Sting's house. that would be interesting..

Michelle said...

YAY! You got it to work!!! :)

name:Michelle Tan
location: Wellington, New zealand
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? : I would be flying around all my SISters houses... that's the only way I'll ever get to meet them! LOL!

Leslie said...

You're hysterical. Your blog rocks. And I totally like weird questionnaires.

Name: Leslie (HeyPooks)
Location: Racine, WI
Superfly: I'm just a wee bit obsessed with Dave Matthews, so I'd like to be at his house to hear him any time I wanted!!

StarrAltered said...

name: Veronica Starr
location: Tracy, Cali
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? WHAT??? um... mine... i would get so much more done so i'd have mega time to play with my babies & scrap!!! whoo hoo!!!

Michelle said...

Ooooh this is fun!!! Thanks for offering up that HUGE RAK...looks absolute delish!

name: Michelle M
location: Acrctic tundra we call IOWA!
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? No Brainer here for sure...would be Brett Michaels Rock of Love house (well right now...maybe next year it will change with reality tv) cuz I have to know if these girls on this show REALLY act like they do...I dem that near impossible to be that stupid all the I must prove my theory!

Nat said...

Awesome header- I love this!!! oh boy telemarketers-that is the worst. I know how terrible it is at my parents in law in the STates but it starts here in germany too.

Sarah Moore said...

congrats on fixing the blog... looks great! Now we need a tutorial!

name: Sarah Moore
location: Elgin, IL
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?: Brittney Spears'... and with my camera too... I think I could parlay that into a few hundred thousand bucks don't you?

BlessedinTexas said...

diana willis'
If I were a fly I would love to be buzzing around the home/office of JJ and or any one of the F-Nista's - overseas would be a bonus!!! (smiling..)


Lillsisslill said...

name: Lillyrose
location: In my kitchen
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?
I would love to be in the White House the first night of the new President.

I also have a problem with rambling, but when it is someone other than me it kan be great fun:)

/SISter Lillyrose

Traci Keriazakos said...

name: Traci Keriazakos
location: Libertyville, IL

you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? The White House, I bet some interesting stuff happens there!

What is it with the biscuit thing, that completely freaks me everytime I open one. Did you ever have a jack-in-the box? Samething there!!!

Christa said...

name: Christa
location: Marysville, ohio
you're flying with superpowers..whose house you be buzzing around: Dale Earnhardt Jr's because I love Nascar and him...

Lana said...

Holy COW Lisa!!
Talk about a generous fun game!

name: Lana
location: Benton Harbor, MI
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? The author JAMES FRY. I want to know what he's doing now after all the Book Club fiasko.

Peterlina said...

Karolina from Sweden here.... if I were a fly... obviously I'd buzz around LEonardo DaVinci's house. Can you imagine seeing him at work. Okay, so I'd have to go back in time A LOT, but it would SO be worth it.

Lori said...

WOW Lisa!! That's a crazy wonderful RAK!!!

Muskegon, MI

I would so be buzzing around Kenny Chesney's house!!! Gotta find out what he's really like, not to mention he lives in the islands!!!

Have a great weekend Lisa!!

Christa said...

christa from aurora, il who wants to have fly superpowers to hear what steve jobs and apple are coming up with next!


kim brimhall said...

name: kim
location: crazytown, IN
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?
my own. so i could judge myself as a wife, mother, friend. to see "who" i really am. to finally have to admit to myself my faults so i could fix them. to see how others see me. to see if i smile enough, laugh enough, show enough love.

thank you for made me think!

Christina said...

name: Christina (TinaLynn510 @ SIStv)
location: Rolla, MO (a really small town)
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? Haha... honestly, I think I would be in JJ's house, because she baffels my mind. How can she raise all those kids, homeschool and run a business, AND be successful!! Crazyness!!

Great blog makeover by the way!! Love the banner!

Lisa said...

OMG! I love the kit you've put together, gorgeous!
name: Lisa H.
Location: Eagle River, AK
and whose house would I be buzzing around... I'd love to buzz around inside the CIA.. love that spy stuff, then I could help save the world with my super fly powers :)

and the biscuit can popping... I peel the paper back ever so gently, I've been known to lose a can b'c of the popping noise.. lol..

scrapnic72 said... the fun personality of your blog. Here are the answers:

Name: Nicole
Location: Byron Center, Michigan
Fly with SuperPowers: Hmmmm....I'd love to be a fly on the walls of...the stable where Jesus was born. What a night that must have been!

gretchenno21 said...


I'm Gretchen from Tennessee.

If I was a fly I would probably hang out in Oprah's or Martha Stewart's house for inspiration....I'm sure they are filled to the brim with inspiration!

Love your blog!

Heather said...

lisa that's a great rak!
name: Heather
location: Illinois
if i was a fly with superpowers i'd fly around a hindu's house so i wouldn't get swatted!!

forestsister said...

ha - your tunes almost gave me heart failure when they started up because my kids had the laptop's volume absolutely JACKED from when they were watching "kitty cat dance" on you tube...

NICE new blog :) your banner is a happy one!!!

i'm kelz from the great white north (edmonton, alberta, canada) fly with superpowers? hmmmm i would buzz over to elton john's pad so i could listen to him sing and watch him eat jello as he lounged in his track suit. a bit of a waste of my superpower bit, but am feeling lazy today.

Jennifer said...

i will also admit to being terrified of the popping sound that biscuits make...imake the hubs do that...*cringe*

name: jenniferp
location: grand prairie, texas
whose house: mmmm...martha stewart. shes my hero. *sigh*

love the bloggy!

Michelle said...

name: Michelle Clement
location: Vancouver, Canada
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?, I would be buzzing around the home of my very favorite, Dr. Suess. I bet his house is pretty sweet and colorful, and I can grab some design ideas while I'm there. Plus, I'm sure he has some crazy green and purple concoction cooking...and everythign he says is happy ryhmes, so it'd be super-cool.

Awesome new look on le blog, Lisa. =) fun stuff!

jconnair said...

Here's a link to the National Do Not Call registry. List your phone no. and you will get relief from the telemarketers!

I'm Jan
From Cincinnati, OH
If I were a fly with superpowers, I'd buzz my kids' schools to see what they are really like when they are away from their family. I think it would help me to know them better if I could see them in their "real" environment.

ScrapFairy said...

I am Heather and live in Bremerton,Wa (across the water from seattle)

Lets see if I were a fly I would have to visit Jennifer P. house.(
Her house has tons of vintagey stuff in it and I want my house to be like hers.LOL Oh and her work is amazing.

angela said...

hi Lisa! wow that's a sweet rak!! i'm angie
live in iowa
fly on the walls of rebecca sower's studio *swoon*

M.Y. Creative Rose Garden said...

The biscuit thing- Yeah - I jump 3 feet every time but they're oh so good.....

RE: Fly -
Well - Actually I really AM a fly with super powers and I'm at your house right now - Dont turn around - I'm looking over your shoulder to see what scrappy stuff you're working on......


Allison said...

name: allison
location: springfield, mo.
the house: ali edwards. i would love to see in person her creative process. and how she and chris interact w/ simon. and because the pictures of her house always look so cute!

and love your banner. i {heart} rainbows!

melissa said...

name: melissa evans
location: port huron, mi
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? i would fly from scrapbook store to scrapbook store and come home with loads of inspiration which i would create beautiful pages with in record time with my fly superhero powers :)

scrap {n} flava said...

new york

if i were a fly- with spuerpowers i'd want to go to martha stewarts house. my superpower would to be abble to remember everything i see and have the ability to create everything. kinda like that girl on heros.
that banner is so cool- and i think i need one of those daily bible verse thingies on my blog!

melissa :) said...

name: melissa
location: cape cod, ma
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? i would totally stalk vin diesel. maybe i'd get a sneaky peaky of all his 2001 parts ;)

craftyamanda said...

This is SOOOO fun! What an awesome RAK!

Name: Amanda
Location: Knoxville, TN
a fly with super powers huh?: I would crash in on Brangelina...I would just love to see all the fabulousness and how they deal with the kiddos!

tina said...

Hi Lisa!!! I've never been to your blog before, but I love, love, love your work.

name: Tina
location: The very frozen Indiana
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? Hmmm...I'm thinking that I would be buzzing around Matthew Fox's place (Jack from Lost), I think he's hot. :)

Martha Bonneau said...

Cool, I will play :)

Name: Martha
Location: Illinois
I would totally be buzzing around Johnny Depp's house, if I were to show up his security team would probably swiftly escort me out, but as a fly I could lazily buzz around Mr. Depp all day long.

***Paola*** said...

I'm right there with you on the commercials being louder than the show you are watching- hate it!
Name: Paola
Location: Mexico City
I would be buzzing around Tom and Katie's house. Wouldn't you wnat to know what really goes on in there???

Misty said...

Congrats on getting your blog just the way you like it. I hate being all determined and frustrated! Anyway, my name is MistyD. I'm in Kingsport, TN - about 5 hours from JJ. :-( Wish I was closer! And fly on the wall...Elsie Flannigan's house. I would love to watch her create AND I would LOVE to see how she fixes her hair in those oh-so-cool doos!

Darcy said...

Man you have a cute blog!! I LOVE THE HEADER!!!

Name: Darcy Holsopple
Location: The big metropolis of New Paris, Indiana!!!
Fly on a wall: Rachel Ray's kitchen at home. Is she really always that cheery? And does she seriously throw the salt over her shoulder EVERY time? Come on, I wouldn't like to walk over salt with my bare feet. =/

OPOOOO.. and pick me!! I could really use that scrap WONDERFULNESS!!!

tallynt said...

Nice 3 column blog - it looks great.

name - Tracy
location - Seattle, WA

fly with superpowers - hmm I think I would be buzzing around the White House. I probably would move furniture around when they weren't looking just to see what would happen.

nancy said...

Aw, you got blogger to have 3 columns! Sweet!
Name: Nancy D
Location: Colorado Springs
Fly Location: mmm...I'd have to pick the Obama household. Interesting things, for sure.

Vicki said...

Love the blog! Adding it to my bookmarks!
Name: Victoria
Location: Toronto,ON, Canada
You're a fly with superpowers...whose house would you be buzzing around...Jeanette Herdman, I'd love to see how she does it all!

jeannie said...

omg love your header so cool and wow that is alot of stuff to give away

susan j said...

Name : Susan JOhannes
Location : Perth, Western Australia
Whose House : Robbie Williams house I think!! I'd just LOVE to see what he does on a daily basis, preferrably with wearing no short too!!

Kathleen said...

Hi hi!!
I just found your blog via scrap in style! Absolutely love it & your work!!

Lindsay/aggiebonfire00 said...

love the new blog!
i don't even know how i found it. i just kept clicking on different people's blogs and then found yours! name is lindsay. i live in texas. i cannot imagine being a fly with superpowers. i have a fear of flying! but i guess if i were one, i'd go on vacation...especially if my three year old was a fly too! calgon take me away!

Veronica said...

name: Veronica
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? HAHA I say the Presidential candidates..just to see what they're talking about.

Christina Padilla said...

name: tired new mom aka CP aka Christina Padilla
location: your hometown, Salinas, CA
hmmmmmmm sounds interesting.
guess it would be most def at a house w/out that sticky tape fly death trap stuff......maybe gwen stefani and her cute Kingston child don't have that stuff? lol
love Gwen, she's the queen of awesomeness.

im still recovering from LMAO at your rainbow love disclaimer.
love you.
and no i will be CHAless.
sad girl here. unless your inviting..hehehehhe!

MarniT said...

name:Marni Telford
location:Mackay QLD Australia
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? somebody super talented like Em Falconbridge or Adrianne Looman

Starlight said...

Cool I'll play too:P

name:Luciane Folch
location:Solna Sweden
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? Oh man I so would like to go back in time as well and see the creation process from Walt Disney,the guy had a magic head for sure.

Kelly said...

And Brad Pitts house - coz then I'd get to see him naked (cox he'd have to take a shower!!)

WriterGirl said...

Blog looks good, girl!

Name: Laura
Location: Vallejo, CA

I would be buzzing around Vince Vaughn!

Kellie said...

name: Kellie
location: BC/Canada
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? hmm definately Johhny Depp's! hehe. ;)

Lisa your blog is so bright and fun girlie!!!

GINAJAM said...

i like the 3 column look!! what a great giveaway!! you're so sweet!

Gina in Texas wishing I was buzzing around (almost embarrassed to admit) Britney's place. That would be interesting!

yvette said...

great blog! if i were a fly i think i'd buzz around Ashley Calder's house, soakin' in all that talent..

Karen said...

Here goes:
name: Karen
location: Nashville, TN
If I were buzzing around someones's house it would be my friend Erin's house. She lives in TX now and I have no idea when I will see her again.

Lorena said...

name: Lorena
location: Germany (military)
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?
Scrapbook wise, Elsie Flannigan... she just rocks!

Lorena said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ruby Claire. said...

name: Ruby
location: NSW, Australia
Your a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be bzzing around? To tell ya the truth, i have no ideea. There are so many inspirational people out there that i would visit lal of them :)

I found your blog via someone... lol i dont really know but i am LOVING your blog!! xx

Fleursbydesign said...

Hi I'm Fleur from Ladner, BC (which is a suburb of Vancouver). If I were a fly with superpowers I would buzz around the princess castle in Disneyland. I would love to live there :)

Jessica said...

Name: Jessica
Location: Knasas
Great question-If I could be a fly on the wall mmmm...probably the president, talk about knowing some secrets!

tracey said...

oh games are so much fun and i have been a bit of a lurker to your beautiful site for a little while -- so here goes...
name: Tracey
location:Brisbane - Australia
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? - Ruth Akers - visiting her blog of late i feel that she has a beautiful spirit - and the cute little people too!

thanks for the fun - oh and i love the title of your blog - tis cool.

Melanie said...

Lisa, Thank you again for the mountain of goodies you sent me! Still playing with them!

Love your new blog, very colorful, and pretty, just like you!


Annie said...

Ok, here goes....

name: Annie Bellamy
location: Bristol, UK
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around? Hmm I think I'd have a snoop around Britney Spears house to see what's really going on!

Heather said...

Name: Heather
Location: Alberta, Canada
Where I would buzz....I was going to say Martha Stewart's place, but she would whack me pretty fast, so I think I would buzz around Donna Downey's studio!

Sara said...

Hey there! Boy - you are loaded with comments! "i have issues..." so funny! You always think that you have the goofiest quirks and then you read someone else's blog and realize there are more like you out there! Love it! So, I am Sara (SISter pippy) and I am in Auburn, CA - don't ever hesitate to stop in if you happen to be passing through (on the way to Reno, Truckee, Tahoe - North Shore). The thing about the fly with the superpowers - hmmmmmm - maybe the Big SIS ... you know, right before something major is about to happen with her wonderful website. ;o)

Myriam said...


From Montreal, Canada

(and french speaking!!!)

I would love to buzz from my house to my best friends's house. Much easier than having to drive and hour and a half...

Love your new blog by the way, and you're really funny!!!!

Geneviève Pilote said...

♥♥ OMG, beautiful giveaway, pick me ;) ♥♥

Name: Geneviève
location: Quebec, Canada
Where would I buzz around : Philippe Stark'S House ! Should be amazing...

ramath said...

location:Melbourne Australia
you're a fly with superpowers... whose house would you be buzzing around?
Nigella Lawson,then I could taste all of the yummy dishes she makes!